Visual SVN: Another Zero Friction Tool In The Toolbox

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Full disclosure, I have received a personal license for Visual SVN (49$) from the developers on Visual SVN, since they are apparently doing a lot of stuff with Rhino Mocks and wanted to show it.

About a month ago I installed Visual SVN, and then I promptly forgot about it. When the evaluation period has ended, I found myself thinking, "Wait a minute, I really like this tool." Visual SVN works by extending Visual Studio with the same interface as TortoiseSVN, which means that it is instantly usable for anyone that have used TortoiseSVN (basically most developers on Windows that use SVN).

The nice thing about it is that you really don't feel that something different, until it is taken away. I have grown accustomed to the green/orange lights, and I like the ability to right click and "show changes". I am still using TortoiseSVN to do a lot of stuff from explorer, but it is very nice to be able to do them from the IDE.

The options that it offers directly of the right click menu are a subset of what you can do in Tortoise SVN, but it is a close match for the things that I want to be able to do in the IDE, so I have no issue with it. The thing that drove me insane for a few minutes was a menu item being renamed from the Tortoise SVN terminology that I just skipped over, but that is the only issue that I have found.

As you probably know, I have great reservations about putting things in the IDE, mostly because I usually find that they make me wait for them (unacceptable). But Visual SVN is different in this regard because I literally can't find any issues with the IDE integration, the things that I do (solution wide namespace rename, done yesterday) are immediately reflected and I didn't notice any slow down.