A developer perspective on SQL Server 2008

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I just read this about the SQL Server 2008 features, and I thought to provide my own commentary on the new features:

  • Declarative Management Framework - not really interesting to me.
  • Table Value Parameters - YEAH, that is more like it. There are too many cases when I need to use IN on a large data set and I run into the 2100 parameters limitations. This is going to make working with this so much easier.
  • MERGE  SQL Statement - I got tired of writing my own Update/Insert very early. This also means that the tools will support it as well, probably (SSIS), so that makes my life easier still.
  • Change Data Capture - Hm, that looks interesting in the abstract, will probably want to check that out.
  • Star Join Query Optimizations - not really interesting yet.
  • There is also the EDM stuff that they are apparently putting there, which is also interesting, but not likely to be usable unless you are using the Entity Framework. The announcement about that was very vague.