NHibernate Query Generator 1.9 is out!

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Here are the goodies:

  • Breaking change: I modified the way that NHQG accepts parameters, I am not using a non-hacky approach for this, but this means that you would need to modify any scripts that you have. Instead of positional parameters, you have to specify what the name of the parameters are, I think that it would be easier this way.
  • Added AddOrder(), SetProjection() to QueryBuilder - patch from Ramon Kania
  • Support for nested components - patch from Craig Neuwirt
  • Stateless root for the query in case you want to really build it from scratch - that one is actually from me
  • Added a way to override the "Query" namespace, using /ns:MyQuery syntax. - requested by Marcello Palmitessa

As usual, you can get it here.