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Caught red handed

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Alex has caught me red handed, opps, I went home last night and dropped to bed, doing only the necessary minor email preventance. I actually have something prepared that I want to post, but I just couldn't find the strength to finish it. (Later today, I promise.)

(Yeah, I got the joke)

This month I am at 114 posts (likely more when today is finished), which translate to ~3-4 posts a day, every day.

Do people actually read them? I have an unusual "is it worth a post" standard, and it is likely that I am producing noise.

I have been thinking about doing some delay posting, so you will get a post every time interval, rather than whenever I feel like posting. Thoughts?


Sergey Koshcheyev

Well, certainly some of your posts (not this one) could be delayed for 5 minutes for a spelling check ;-)

Adam Dymitruk

I read your blog everyday. Keep up the good work.

It was awesome to have the deep technical discussions with you at DevTeach. Like JP says, "I was in programmer heaven".

See you in Vancouver. I can definitely show you around then; it's my home town.


Darius Damalakas

Well, this post was really not a noise :)

Alex James

Not at all... keep posting... while there are always 3 or 4 posts to read

I look forward to those posts... and my observation from about 7 months ago (http://www.base4.net/Blog.aspx?ID=144) still holds true!



post away, I like it

Symon Rottem

I'm certainly reading daily - sometimes more often. If you have the strength don't slow it down!



Michel Grootjans

I'm a developer, as are most (all?) of your readers. When I'm developing, I feel that the Mail/RSS popup "you've got a new message" are disturbing my workflow. I only update my feeds in the morning, lunch and evening.

Also, I don't read all my feeds. I scan their titles, and if one of them catches my attention I read it. And by reading, I mean READING. That is have an undivided attention to what is being said and what it means.

Therefore, I tend to not read most of your posts. Sorry if I disappoint you with my reply.


I'm jumping on the "keep posting whenever you feel like it" bandwagon! This is one of the most interesting .Net-blogs out there. Paraphrasing Forrest Gump's life-analogy: "Ayende's blog is like a box of chocolates.."

Ayende Rahien


I am actually surprised in the other direction, that people does seem to read most of them.

BTW, it just means that I need to make more attractive titles :-)


Keep posting! And indeed the title is should be attractive to get even more readers..

Michael Morton

Post more! Really. This blog is one of the few I check several times a day and sometimes I have found myself wishing you would post more often. It's all good stuff!


I read every single post, please do continue...


I really like your post. The are clever, sharp an not focused on just one subject or reseller. They are independed free thoughts that are, for me, hard to find and very much needed .. So keep on rocking in the free world.


i recently moved to another town, got a new job, a new house.. but not an internet connection yet! so i cannot spend all the time i`d like readng posts, just some minute at work, or in the evening, making some sort of backup of rss posts to take home.

which is the point? i always find the time to take a look to your blog, if there`s something new, maybe filter the content by titles (not yed read the CAB battle serie!).

"check ayende blog" is absolutely on my virtual TODO list. keep posting, maybe a quite less frequently (one or two posts a day are enough for me!)

thanx ayende

Vadim Kantorov

Keep posting, please! I started learning AR, NH, IoC, MonoRails because of your blog. Big thanks to you for my development :-)



Your blog is really the best, not one of the best, in .NET world. I check multiple times a day. Very appreciate you can provide us such high quality material every day!!

Ken Egozi


You shouldn't care less about that. After all, one of the reasons you post is to express yourself (I think you wrote about that in the past).

Hey, even I started doing so. I'm at 22 posts this month, most of them are personal related stuff. So what. It's my weblog and I don't care.

Well, I do care about my readers, and I will post some "useful" stuff next month (regarding JS stuff, AspView and MonoRail stuff, etc.), but I'm fine with writing whadever I want, too.

That's why I have "Personal" tag.

Chris Chew

I read them too.

Mike G

You're a better programmer than me, so I tend to read anything about programming that you post. Even little bits of wisdom are great for less experienced developers like myself!

Nicholas Piasecki

Keep posting! Although I do second Sergey's motion for better use of a spell check feature. :)

Seriously, though, as a junior developer, it's helpful to read the short, quick, thinking-out-loud type of posts that you, as a much more experienced developer, write frequently. I am a developer for a small company (I am THE developer, actually), so it's helpful for me to read community blogs to get a feel for design and coding direction.


I check several times a day. I read every word of every blog, whether there's 1 or 4 per day.

Bil Simser

Dude, keep the posts coming. I always enjoy conversatations (and debates) with you and always get something from most of your posts. I just don't have the stamina you have (posting wise ;)

Sam Gentile

Despite what I said in the comment about 4 posts-) and my post, I do love your posts and think that you are an incredible resource. I may not agree 100% of the time but you always make me think and I learn a lot from you. Keep on doing exactly what you are doing!!


Yes, yes, do write.

Good fun, this.

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