Rhino Mocks 3.1 - Released!

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At least this time I managed to last a week. New release with a bunch of new features:

  • Stubs are obvious in, here is my previous post about them and the documentation
  • Added logging support for Rhino Mocks - this means that you can now get clearer information about what is going on, you can configure the logging using:
    RhinoMocks.Logger = new TextWriterExpectationLogger (Console.Out);
    Right now the implementation would simply write the method calls, but it is possible to generate "Expect.Call" syntax from the information (patches are welcome :-) ).
  • Applied patch from Stefan Podskubka - adding List.Count and List.Element constraints.





    .Call(query.SetParaemters()).Constraints(List.Element(2, Is.Equal(null)))
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong count of expected calls is reported.

You can get the code and the binaries here.