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TFS: Potshots

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Jeremy Miller just commented on my previous post, and I couldn't help responding:

I've heard pro-VSTS folks slam the OSS tools for being tinker toys and difficult to integrate (not in my experience, but it's their story), but many of these same pro-VSTS folks sell consulting services to set up VSTS.  If VSTS is so easy to get up and going, why are people able to make a living doing just that?

Because when you are integrating OSS tools, you are wasting your time. When you integrate TFS, you are being enterprisey.

(Yeah, cheap shot, sorry, can't help it)


Roy Osherove

It's pretty lucrative to endorese lots of complicated IoC frameworks, ORM and other OSS tools and then be one of the few guys in our sector that can actually provide consulting about how to get them to work like you want them to :)

Behing an Nhibernate dev certainly doesn't detract from this temptation.

Cheap shot, I know :)

Jeremy Miller

Ok Roy, I set you up with a softball, and I knew somebody would fire right back with that one -- since I spend a fair chunk of time teaching client developers how to use OSS tools like CC.Net, FitNesse, and my very own complicated IoC frameword that aren't all that well known in the MS developer world.

Just remember that by using OSS tools you leave more money in the budget for hiring consultants ;-)

And as you surely know, MS still does not offer:

  • An ORM solution -- especially after the Entity Framework got pushed back today

  • A mock object library

  • A Continuous Integration engine

  • An acceptance testing framework ala FitNesseDotNet (though I've heard rumors of one)

  • An MVC solution for ASP.Net

Even if VSTS/TFS turns out to be the bee's knees, it's awfully good to have SVN/CC.Net/Trac hanging around as an alternative.

Jeremy Miller
  • and a fully fledged IoC tool for that matter

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