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A developer so retarded

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I just run into this post, that talks about a presentation about mocking, and included this statement (about using Rhino Mocks):

I once heard a story about a developer so retarded that he and his team spent a good amount of time trying to debug a mock only to find out that he forgot about ReplayAll()*.  Who hires guys like that anyway?

That developer, it would be me, and it can happens quite often. And I wrote the tool, so I should know what I am doing when I am using it.

Stuff happens, it is easy to forget a line of code and waste some time as a consequences. The most common sentence from me when I am developing is "Oh, man, I am so stupid that I did that".

To give an example that would be a bit easier to grok, what is wrong with this code:

using(TransactionScope scope = new TransactionScope())
   Appointment[] appointments = SpanOnCalendar(appointmentSepc, DateTime.Today, DateTime.Today.AddDays(7));
   foreach(Appointment appointment in appointments)





The developer in question that I was talking about was ME. I forgot to put the note in there.

I have to edit that right away - now I just sound like an ass!


You forgot the commit.

Ayende Rahien

How many time did you made this error before you learned to see the code that isn't there?


Too many times to count :-)

Ken Egozi

A guy on my team has recently spent about two hours trying to figure why an email is not being sent from some action, just to find out that there's a AppConfig switch named "LogEmailsButDontSendThem", set to "True" on dev machines.

That's not about being a retarded dev. He is actually a very promising and talented young guy, and he is generally doing a very good work.

Shane Courtrille

Hahaha.. Justice is all about upsetting the big names these days :)


I think we know some key differences between Ayende and the Other Developer We Can Never Name Again Through Threat of Legal Action...;)

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