dasBlog 1.7

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As part of my upgrade of the site, I upgraded my blog to dasBlog 1.7, so far it's been too busy jumping up and down calling "Horray" to take the time to post about it.

It's as if someone sat and made a list of all the things that I wanted in my blog, and then made them happen. (BTW, the upgrade was really smooth for dasBlog, the reason for the downtime was that I messed up the Cuyahoga's installation really bad. I really should've known better.)

I'm not talking about just good featuers, each and every one of them is something I wanted as one time or another. Really wanted.

I'm talking about things like:

  • Named posts - so you don't get a GUID in your url - and it work for old posts as well.
  •  Captcha for comments if you want it and additional spammers features (which thankfully I don't have to use for now.)
  • Refferal lists that I can make head & tails from (searches, aggerators, etc).
  • RSS channel image.
  • Full WYSIWYG post editing in FireFox.
  • Many more features that I'd yet to explore.
Omar Shahine Scott Hanselman: A HUGE thank you from me. You made a wish come true.