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Reusable tests

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It is generally accepted that reusability is not something that you should strive for in your tests. However, I have found that reusing tests is an interesting way to save time when you are testing a full process. Take for instance this piece of code:


public void SuccessfullySavingTemplateWillShowConfirmation()



    Type("TemplateName", "Template1");



    AssertTextPresent("Template saved successfully", "Should have gotten a confirmation message");



public void CannotAddTemplateWithDuplicateName()


    //Create a template called "Template1"




    Type("TemplateName", "Template1");



    AssertTextPresent("There is already a template called 'Template1', please choose another name.",

            "Should warn when trying to create template with duplicate name");


Some of the methods are utility methods, but on the second test, the first line of code actually calls to another tests to do the initialization of the test. I can see this kind of stacking useful in cases where I would usually want to have orderred tests.


Shane Courtrille

While I understand where you're coming from I definitely disagree strongly with how you got there. I personally would be worried about the fact that my one test is now dependent on another test for certain behavior. This of course creates the restriction on the first test that it needs to keep doing what it's doing. Now this is a fairly simple example and you are most likely going to be safe. But if you make a habit of this I'd be amazed if it didn't bite you in the ass over time.

Love the blog btw :)

Ayende Rahien


That is a good argument against it that I have no considered.

I'll give it some more thought.

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