Moved to subtext

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Around 3AM yesterday I had a nasty surprised when I tried to post something to my site, it was down. Not just the blog, but the whole site.
A quick check with my host turned out that my blog was using 100% CPU for a long period of time, so they had to remove the site. I have some issues with why they didn't bother to notify me when they did it, but that is another matter. After I spoke with them the site went back up, but the blog was down.
That was 10 hours ago or so, and since then I was trying to move everything that I had to SubText as quickly as I can. I have a lengthy post detailing the procedure, but for now all you need to know that I am on SubText, that I think that I like it, and that is it.
Now I am going to do something interesting.

You can expect some problems with the site until I beat it back to working shape.