About that internal again...

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In an email exchange today:

About internal, I understand your PoV, however, you may be writing your business layer & domain model for other developers. If they are unexperienced, you may find it important to hide some stuff...

I just had a discussion about it yetserday with a team mate.
He talked about signing off things with me before starting to implement them, my response was along the line of...

I am no longer in the army, and that I refuse to work this way. I get too little code at the moment as it is. If I don't trust you to do the tasks that I give you, why am I giving them to you? Either you don't know, and then we will pair and do them together, so you'll learn what you need to do similar tasks next time, or you do know, in which case I have no business standing over your shoulder.

Now, granted, I will try to go over the code and see if there are any things that I am not comfortable with. And at first, there were a lot of things that I wasn't comfortable with. I try to ignore coding styles because they usually don't matter much to me, but naming, abstraction, and complexity are things that I am very sensitive to. After the forth or fifth time that this is happening, I find that they understand what I consider a red flag.

And yes, this means that I can sit with a dev for a few minutes, talk about what needs to be done and maybe explore the object model that is required. Then the dev is on their own, if they have issues, they ask.

I was a police officer, I didn't like it then, and I don't intend to start policing people again (although being able to revoke people's license to code for reckless developing would be an interesting concept).