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My Vista Install Experiance:

  • I couldn't upgrade the machine, got some error about file corruption in:
  • I burned to DVD and installed from scratch, and then it worked.
  • Attempting to install VPN client (checkpoint, for what it worth) caused a blue screen and resulted in an un-operational system.
  • I repaved the machine again with Vista, this time not trying to install the VPN.

My Vista User Experiance:

  • It is pretty, and it has a lot nice effects.
  • Just about every action that I made at the start of the system cause a security dialog. This security dialog is accompanied with a screen flicker, which looks excatly like the start of a blue screen. I imagine that after stabalizing the system, I won't have to run into those so often, but it is still highly annoying.
  • IE7 is Not FireFox - It looks a lot alike, but it behaves differently, very annoying.
  • Microsoft has still not learned about Fitt' Law as it applies to the taskbar, or they never tries to use Vista with the taskbar set to more than one row.
  • There are a lot of UI features that I say "Wow, this is nice", and some that I have already to say "Wow, this is useful".
  • Visual Studio / Sql Server / MSDN - Refused to install.
  • Couldn't get the screen (LG L1800P) to portrait mode.
  • I spent most of the day reading Agile Development With Rails, since Rails does work on Vista.
  • I kept waiting for it to crush, since application did so with regular consistency. I never did actually install anything on it, just some Portable Applications, and that was it.

I am writing this on my "old" XP mahcine, where I can use VPN, use the screen in portrait mode and actually do some useful work.

I might try it again when there would be a consumer release, and all the drivers/applications would be more mature (or even exist). But for now, I don't see the benefit.