VPSLand.com - Support nightmare

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Let me start by stating the scenario. hibernatingrhinos.com is down. The server is compromised, dead, whatever.

I don't know what actually happened to is, but it is no longer bootable.

I don't have complete backups. That is totally and completely my fault. I am an idiot. That is not the point of this post. I should have had backups, and ensured that they work correctly, no arguments here.

What I want to talk about now is the support experience that I got from VPSLand.

We can start with this bad news:


Just to give you some background, I had two "chats" with the "support". In the first it became clear that the "complimentary weekly backups" that they offer are a myth and doesn't really exists. They can't create a new VPS instance and hook the current virtual disk to the new instance, so I can get the data off of the old machine.

The only solution that they offer was to rewipe the entire machine. Losing all the data in it.

Here is my second chat transcript.

VPSLAND.com Sales: Oren, I already told you that there is no back up available for your VPS and it's not possible for us to take back up for your VPS
Oren Eini: okay, then don't
Oren Eini: I need the server itself back up
VPSLAND.com Sales: We want this in written
VPSLAND.com Sales: Please update your ticket again
Oren Eini: Can I get the actual image?
Oren Eini: The VM file?
VPSLAND.com Sales: No
Oren Eini: why not?
VPSLAND.com Sales: Don't you understand, I already told you that your VPS is not up and it's not possible to provide you any data
VPSLAND.com Sales: Any type of data
Oren Eini: I want the VM FILE
Oren Eini: Not any data from it
Oren Eini: The ACTAUL FILE
Oren Eini: The VM is sitting on a file.
Oren Eini: If I have that, _I_ can get the data
Oren Eini: I don't want anything from the machine.
Oren Eini: I want the file that _is_ the machine
VPSLAND.com Sales: Can I have the path for VM ?
VPSLAND.com Sales: VM FILE *
Oren Eini: I don't know. It is on your system
VPSLAND.com Sales: Well Oren, we are not able to mount your VPS on main node which is the reason. We are not able to take back up of your VPS. So Its not possible to provide you VM FILES
Oren Eini: I want the file that you are mounting
Oren Eini: Not the VM itself
VPSLAND.com Sales: Have read my last message carefully
VPSLAND.com Sales: ?
Oren Eini: Yes.
Oren Eini: You are trying to mount the VPS
Oren Eini: You are failing.
Oren Eini: I want the VPS file
Oren Eini: The thing that you are trying to mount
VPSLAND.com Sales: Yes, The VM files are also mounted under root directory
VPSLAND.com Sales: Which is not mounting
VPSLAND.com Sales: So its not possible for us to provide you any VM FILES
Oren Eini: Sorry?
Oren Eini: what root directory are you talking about?
VPSLAND.com Sales: Is there anything else I can help you with ?
Oren Eini: I want the file that you are trying to mount.
VPSLAND.com Sales: You do not understand that, right ?
Oren Eini: The .vhd file
VPSLAND.com Sales: So just listen to me, we are not able to provide you any type of VM FILES
VPSLAND.com Sales: Would you like to reinstall your VPS or NOT ?
Oren Eini: Let me go back to the beginning
Oren Eini: There is the VPS, right?
VPSLAND.com Sales: Ae are not able to provide you any type of VM FILES
VPSLAND.com Sales: Ae = We*
Oren Eini: Please bear with me.
Oren Eini: There is the VPS
Oren Eini: You are trying to mount that on the VM Server
Oren Eini: The VPS is a file
VPSLAND.com Sales: Read above chat once again
Oren Eini: I want that file
Oren Eini: It is not a file inside the VPS.
Oren Eini: It is the file that _is_ the VPS.
Oren Eini: It is the vhd file that you are trying to mount
VPSLAND.com Sales: I understand that, and I apologize for the inconvenience. The fact of the matter is that you are talking to the Sales department right now and unfortunately we don't have any control over such technical issues.
Oren Eini: Okay, than can I get a SUPPORT person to talk to me?
Oren Eini: I am talking to support.vpsland.com
Oren Eini: Not sales.vpsland.com
Oren Eini: I need a TECHNICAL person to solve this issue
VPSLAND.com Sales: They do not have Live Chat support
Oren Eini: Do they have a phone?
VPSLAND.com Sales: Contact them through the email to support@vpsland.com
Oren Eini: Can they answer my emails in a reasonable time frame?
VPSLAND.com Sales: We do not have phone support
Oren Eini: 12 hours between emails is not acceptable
VPSLAND.com Sales: Update to your ticket ULX-445304
Oren Eini: Again, 12 hours between responses are NOT helpful
Oren Eini: If there is support stuff, I would like to communicate with them.
Oren Eini: ASAP
VPSLAND.com Sales: No, they are in the Support Department
Oren Eini: That is lovely.
Oren Eini: Please contact them and tell them that I would like to get a tech people respond to this ticket in a reasonable time frame
VPSLAND.com Sales: Sure, I will update them for you
Oren Eini: Thank you, bye

As of now, for a support issue that is marked as critical, I still don't have any response from their tech support. This is about 30 minutes after the chat, by the way.

Now, this isn't an issue of violating SLA, I don't have one with them for support, I find this deeply disturbing in term of customer service.

I won't be doing business with them again.