NServiceBus 7.x & RavenDB 4.2

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imageThis hits my email, and given the number of questions that our support team fields on the topic, I wanted to make sure it is widely known. You can now use RavenDB 4.2 as the backing store for your NServiceBus systems.

That, in turn, means that you can now use RavenDB 4.2 in your systems in general, which is going to be a much nicer experience overall and put you back on the supported path.

A note about support:

  • RavenDB 3.0 is no longer supported.
  • RavenDB 3.5 is supported until the end of 2020.

Many of the users who use RavenDB with NServiceBus tend to be larger enterprises, where updates to the technology stack may take a while. So it is better to start these things early.

And as an added incentive, based on over 18 months in the field, just by moving to RavenDB 4.2 you are going to get ten fold performance increase from RavenDB 3.5.