This blog is now running RavenDB 4.0

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We are currently busy converting our entire infrastructure to the new version. Somehow we gathered quite a bit of stuff internally, so that is taking some time. However, this blog is now running on RavenDB 4.0. It feels faster, but we haven’t done proper measurements yet. Primarily because this blog was written to be a sample app for RavenDB about seven years ago, and the code show its age.

We’ll be working on also upgrading that to a more modern system. In particular, we want to turn that into a sample app of how to properly deploy a RavenDB 4.0 application for the modern world. This means that beside actually talking to a highly available cluster, the blog itself is going to be distributed and highly available. The idea is that it would be nice to not take down anything while we are updating stuff, but at the same time, the blog is small enough that it makes it possible to talk about its high availability features without drowning in details.

True work on that is going to start next week, and we would appreciate any feedback on what you are interested in seeing. I’ll probably make that into a series of posts, detailing how to take an existing RavenDB application and move it to RavenDB 4.0, adding all the nice touches along the way, ending up in a distributed and highly available system that can be deployed to production and survive all the nasty things going on there.

So please let me know what you’ll like us to cover.