Spatial enhancement in RavenDB

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A few days ago I talked about how you can use RavenDB’s query functions to compute distances during queries.  On the one hand, I’m really happy that you can do that without having to wait for us to update RavenDB, on the other hand, I felt that this should really be us doing this. So I spent some time on spatial this week and we got a whole bunch of nice features out of it.

The first new option is the ability to natively get the distance from a location as part of the query:


You no longer need JS tricks to get this information.

As you can see, I’m just projecting the distance here, not sorting or filtering by it. This can be nice if you need to take into account multiple spatial operations. “Find me the nearest coffee, but also show me how far it is from work”, for example.

The next spatial feature is shown in the following query, and I’m going to be that you wouldn’t notice it if I didn’t mark it up:


What does this do? Well, this tell RavenDB that we want to sort the movies by distance, but to round it up to 5km increments. This, in turn, means that the secondary sort, by Rating, is now much more meaningful.

The output of this query is all a set of movies in that are up to 5 km from me, 5 – 10km , 10 – 15 km, etc. And inside each bucket, the results are sorted based on the rating descending.

This handle the very common issue of users nor caring whatever something is 1.2 or 1.5 km away and wanting to sort by “close, medium, far” and then by other factors as well.