Don’t shove that (cool) feature down my throat, please

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image“I just found out that you can do Dancing Rhinos in 4D if you use FancyDoodad 2.43.3” started a conversation at the office. That is pretty cool, I’ll admit, getting Rhinos to dance at all is nice, and in 4D is probably nicer. I wasn’t aware that FancyDoodad had this feature at all. Great tidbit and something to discuss over lunch or coffee.

The problem is that the follow up was something in the order: “Now I wonder how we can use FancyDoodad’s cool feature for us. Do you think it can solve the balance issue for this problem?”

Well, this problem has nothing to do with Rhinos, wildlife, dancing or (hopefully) dimensional math. So while I can see that if you had a burning enough desire and only a hammer, you would be able to use FancyDoodad to try to solve this thing, I don’t see the point.

The fact that something is cool doesn’t meant that it is :

  • Useful.
  • Ought to go into our codebase.
  • Solve our actual problem.

So broaden your horizons as much as possible, learn as much as you can ingest. But remember that every thing starts at negative hundred points, and coolness on its own doesn’t affect that math.