.NET Core 2.1 broke my software, thank you very much!

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We just upgraded our stable branch to .NET Core 2.1. The process was pretty smooth overall, but we did get the following exchange in our internal Slack channel.

It went something like this:

  • is it known that import doesn't work ?
  • As you can imagine, Import is pretty important for us.
  • no
  • does it work on your machine ?
  • checking,,,
  • what's an error?
  • no error.
  • so UI is blocked?
  • image
  • do you have any errors in dev tools console?
  • `TypeError: e is undefined`
    doesn't says to me much
  • same thing in incognito
  • export doesn't work either
  • lol the reason is: dotnet core 2.1
  • the websockets are faster and I had race in code
    will push fix shortly

There you have it, .NET Core 2.1 broke our code. Now I have to go and add Thread.Sleep somewhere…