Full RavenDB 4.0 Workshop is now available

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imageThe full RavenDB 4.0 workshop, with over 4 hours of me talking and demoing things live.  I’m covering there everything from how RavenDB stores documents, how to model your data to best take advantage of what RavenDB has to offer all the way to the need for distributed data networks and taking you step by step in setting up a cluster of nodes that replicate data to one another in real time.

The main chapters for the workshop are:

  • What is NoSQL and Why do We Need it?
  • The Value in Combining ACID and NoSQL
  • Setting up RavenDB 4.0: Installing Security
  • RavenDB 4.0: Querying, Indexing, and Dynamic Indexes
  • Setting up a Distributed Database with a RavenDB Cluster
  • Data Modeling in a NoSQL Document Database
  • Relations between Documents in RavenDB 4.0
  • Drilldown on Querying Documents with RQL
  • The Performance Advantages to Indexing with RavenDB 4.0
  • Result Projections – The Next Generation of JOIN Statements
  • Results: Includes & Hitchhiking
  • Super Fast Aggregation with Map Reduce
  • Diving into Code with RavenDB 4.0
  • Questions and Answers

You can register here to watch this workshop for free.