Building The Infrastructure

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I mentioned before that I hate infrastructure, but right now I am building the continious integration facilities for my projects, and I can't escape it. One of the biggest hurdles so far has been the install for NHibernate Query Generator. I don't know zlit about MSI, installers, etc. So I tried to take WixEdit, Votice and SharpDevelop and create a very simple Wix script that can install NQG. Took me longer than it would have taken to write an installer myself, I suspect, but I finally managed to do it.

I then turned to the skinning of the installer. I just have an issue with the default computer & disk images that 99% of the installers use. I dug up my log psd file, got the latest photoshop trial (I tried using the GIMP, horrible horrible results), and produced the following:

(Image from clipboard).png

(Image from clipboard).png

Pretty good for someone that can't draw a straight line with a ruler and three hours.