Inside RavenDB 4.0 book–Chapter 4 & 5 are done

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imageThe RavenDB 4.0 book is going really well, this week I have managed to write about 20,000 words and the current page count is at 166. At this rate, it is going to turn into a monster in terms of how big it is going to be.

The book so far covers the client API, how to model data in a document database and how to use batch processing in RavenDB with subscriptions. The full drafts are available here, and I would really appreciate any feedback you have.

Next topic is to start talking about clustering and this is going to be real fun.

I’m also looking for a technical editor for the book. Someone who can both tell me that I missed a semi column in a code listing and tell me why my phrasing / spelling / grammar is poor (and likely all three at once and some other stuff that I don’t even know). If you know someone, or better yet, interested and capable, send me a line.