NHibernate Profiler & Entity Framework Profiler 4.0–Beta Release

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imageI’m happy to announce that the next version of the NHibernate and Entity Framework Profilers is ready for beta testing

You can download the new bits from here.

  • Entity Framework – Support for EF Core (on .NET Core and .Net 4.6)
  • NHibernate Profiler – Support for NHibernate 4.1
  • Persisting interesting sessions across restarts.
  • Improved filtering of SQL statements and behaviors, persisting your configuration across restarts and generally behaving as a responsible citizen.
  • The ability to configure profiling via a watched file, to enable admins to enable/disable profiling on the fly.
  • Allowing you to edit and run a SQL statement as well as compare the database query plan generated so you can get to an optimal solution.
  • Various usability improvements (auto tracking of interesting data, always on top, compact mode for quick visualizations, better keyboard navigation, etc).

Please take them for a spin and provide us with feedback on it.