What is new in RavenDB 3.5–Intro

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We have released RavenDB 3.0 about 10 months ago, since then we have a few interim releases with minor fixes and features, but now we are gearing up for RavenDB 3.5 release, and there are a quite a few things that we have there that we are really excited about.

I’ll have detailed posts about each of the major new things that we are doing there, but I wanted to take this post to talk about the general direction that we are going toward in 3.5.

In 3.5 we did a lot of underground work, doing cleanup, performance work and many optimizations. We dealt primarily with smoothing things over, exposing more internal behaviors and configurability and in generally making sure that you have smooth sailing. For example, we have a much more predictable performance due to much better control over threading, fine grained control over replication, additional endpoints that expose the internal state of the server for operations, and a big surprise for the operations team in general.

We have another two weeks before code freeze for 3.5, and I wanted to ask what kind of features you think you would want to still slip into this version, before I show what new stuff we have.