A new blog look & feel

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This blog has been running continuously for over 10 years now. And while I think that the level of content has improved somewhat over the years (certainly my command of English did), I’m afraid that we never really touch with the design.

This blog theme was taken from (if I recall properly) dasBlog default skin with some color shifting to make it a bit more orange. And I kept that look for the past 10 years, even when we moved between various blogging platform. This has grown tiring, and more to the point, the requirement that we have today are not nearly the same as before.

Hence, the new design. This include responsive design, mobile friendly layout and improving just about every little bit in the user experience.

One major feature is the introduction of series, which will allow reader to easily go through an entire related series of post without them (or me) having to do anything.

I would appreciate any feedback you have.