RavenDB 3.0–New stable release

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We have a new build out, build 3660, which contain a lot of fixes and some really nice stuff for RavenDB users.

You can get it here.

The new stuff is quite cool.


  • Changed default data location (Now will go to C:\Raven).
  • Various performance optimizations across both server and client.


  • Versioning support for RavenFS
  • Better metadata queries for RavenFS
  • Smuggler support for RavenFS


  • Client side indexes will automatically specify sort orders
  • Prevented high CPU and excessive GC runs under low memory conditions
  • Avoid leaking resources when failing to create a database.
  • Faster JSON serialization and deserialization
  • Allow to lock and set index priorities via the client API
  • Added backoff strategy for failing periodic exports
  • Recognize Windows users with admin rights to system database as server admins
  • Facets can now have very large number of facets
  • Replication will now replicate indexes between nodes (and gossip about usage)

We are now aiming at RavenDB 3.5, which should result in some really great stuff showing up.