RavenDB 1.2 work has started (and a road map)

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Two years after the launch of RavenDB 1.0, (preceded by several years of working on 1.0, of course). We are now starting to actually plan and work on RavenDB 1.2.

You can read the planned roadmap here. RavenDB 1.2 is a big release, for several reasons.

  • We are going to break RavenDB into several distinct editions, from the RavenDB Basic, suitable for small apps to RavenDB Standard which is the current version and all the way up to RavenDB enterprise, which is going to get some awesome features (windows clustering, index encryption, etc). We are also going to have plans for ISVs, which will allow them royalty free distribution of RavenDB for their customers.
  • We are going to update our pricing structure. You’ll hear more about this when we have finalized pricing.

Because I am well aware of the possible questions, I suggest reading the thread discussing both editions and pricing in the mailing list:

I will repeat again that we haven’t yet made final pricing decisions, so don’t take the numbers thrown around in those threads as gospel, but they are pretty close to what we will have.

This is the boring commercial stuff, but I am much more interested in talking about the new RavenDB roadmap. In fact, you can actually read all of our plans here. The major components for RavenDB 1.2 are:

  • Better integration with C# 5.0 – much better support for async in general, async replicaiton, async sharding, etc.
  • Enterprise level features – Windows Clustering, Full Database Encryption, Indexing Priorities, Compression, etc.
  • Installer and server console - so you can manage your RavenDB installation more easily.
  • Better Admin support – scheduled backups, S3 Backups, live restores, etc.
  • Internalizing commonly used bundles – you shouldn’t have to take additional steps to make use of common functionality.

There are other stuff, of course, but those are the main pillars.

As mentioned, you can read all of that yourself, and we would welcome feedback on our current plans and suggestions for the new version.