.Net The Spawn Of Satan

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I just found the text below on the NUnit forum (removed since then), and I couldn't stop laughing.

Please do not develope components for .NET  It has become required for a few companies apps like Sony and ATI. It installs over 15,000 registry entries!

It is a complete hostile takeover of a system. It does not benefit the user.

It is very similar to a Vampire. A vampire must be invited in to give it power.

The .NET component must be downloaded of your own free will to give it power.

They cannot sell it to you as that would be illegal due to what it does once it is installed. Please study this issue carefully through forensic examination to reveal exactly what .NET is actually doing for both you and for the master controllers. This is a dangerous trend in computing. Please do not support it and especially do not support companies that require it.

I will be going to look for my tinfoil hat now...