There Be Dragons: Rhino.Commons.SqlCommandSet

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After last night's post about the performance benefits of SqlCommandSet, I decided to give the ADO.Net team some headache, and release the results in a reusable form.

The relevant code can be found here, as part of Rhino Commons. Beside exposing the batching functionality, it is very elegant (if I say so myself) way of exposing functionality that the original author decided to mark private / internal.

I really liked the declaration of this as well:


ThereBeDragons("Not supported by Microsoft, but has major performance boost")]
public class SqlCommandSet : IDisposable

The usage is very simple:

SqlCommandSet commandSet = new SqlCommandSet();

commandSet.Connection = connection;

for (int i = 0; i < iterations; i++)


       SqlCommand cmd = CreateCommand(connection);



int totalRowCount = commandSet.ExecuteNonQuery();

As a note, I spiked a little test of adding this capability to NHibernate, and it seems to be mostly working, I got 4 (out of 694) test failing because of this. I didn't check performance yet.