There is no WE in a Job Interview

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This is a pet peeve of mine. When interviewing candidates, I’m usually asking some variant of “tell me about a feature you developed that you are proud of”. I’m using this question to gauge several metrics. Things like what is the candidate actually proud of, what was he working on, are they actually proud of what they did?

One of the more annoying tendencies is  for a candidate to give a reply in the form of “what we did was…”. In particular if s/he goes on to never mention something that s/he specifically did. And no, “led the Xyz team in…” is a really bad example.  I’m not hiring your team, in which case I might actually be interested in that. I’m actually interested in the candidate, personally. And if the candidate won’t tell me what it was that s/he did, I’m going to wonder if they played Solitaire all day.