We’re hiring… come work for us

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It seems that recently we have been going in rounds. Get more people, train them, and by the time they are trained, we already need more people Smile.

I guess that this is a good problem to have. At any rate, we are currently looking for an experience well rounded developer.

This job availability is for our offices in Hadera, Israel. If you aren’t from Israel, this isn’t for you.

This job is primarily for work on our Profilers line of products. Here is the laundry list:

  • Awesome .NET skills
  • Experience in UI development using WPF, MVVM style
  • Understanding how computers work and how to make them dance
  • History with concurrency & multi threading (concurrent work history not required)
  • Architecture / design abilities

I would like to see open source history, or projects that you can share (in other words, your projects, not employer’s code that you try to give to look at).

Please contact us at jobs@hibernatingrhinos.com if you are interested.