RavenDB 3.0 Days in Sweden

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We are going to do a European version of the RavenDB Conf in just over a month, coming to both Malmo and Stockholm for a full day event.

You can see the full details here, but the basic idea is that we are going to be talking about RavenDB 3.0, including showing off all the new stuff, then show a real world use case for managing high scalability systems with RavenDB. We’ll go in depth into the codebase, and then hear about how to make the best use of transformers and indexes and then end the day with a look forward into what has been slowly cooking in our labs and the grand finale with a full guide on how best to build RavenDB applications in RavenDB 3.0

We are actually going to arrive a day early, so if you are located in Malmo, and want us to come to do some on site RavenDB consulting or training on Sep 17, contract us (support@ravendb.net) and we’ll set it up.

You can register to the event using the following link.