RavenDB support guarantees

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As part of the 3.0 release of RavenDB, we are going to do a remap of our support contracts. We’ll make a formal announcement about it later, but the idea is to offer the following levels:

  • Standard – about $500 a year per serve, business day availability, maximum response within 2 business day.
  • Professional – about $2,000 a year per server, business day availability, maximum response within the same business day.
  • Enterprise – about $6,000 a year per server, 24x7, maximum response within two hours.

In addition to that, we’ll continue to have the community support via the mailing list. That said, I want to make it clear what kind of support guarantees with are giving in the mailing list:

  • None
  • Whatsoever

Put simply, the community mailing list is just that, a way for the community to discuss RavenDB. We look at that, and we try to help, but there is no one assigned to monitor the mailing list, this is pretty much the team waiting for the code to compile or the current test run to complete and deciding to check the mailing list instead of Twitter or the latest Cat Video.

Any support on the mailing list is provided on a ad hoc basis, and should absolutely not be something that you rely on. In particular, people with EMERGENCY or PRODUCTION ISSUE aren’t going to get any special treatment. If you need support, and if you run critical systems, you probably do, you need to purchase that. We provide guarantees and follow through for the commercial support packages.

I’m writing this post after an exchange of words in the mailing list when a user complained that I went offline at 1 AM on a Saturday night and not continue to provide him free support.