Update on RavenDB at NBC Universal

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I just got an email from NBC Universal about the RavenDB usage. We’ve previously talked with them about their RavenDB usage, and I was very pleased to hear that they have completed their upgrade to RavenDB 2.x.

I was even happier to hear the results of the upgrade:

  • Index times decreased  (75% improvement)
  • Replication + Indexing times decreased (40% improvement)
  • Development server raven restore times decreased (75% improvement)
  • Memory leak/crash frequency decreased (1) (60% improvement – stronger devices are experiencing no crashes)
  • Support from Hibernating Rhinos will now improve as they are more capable of supporting the new version

I like getting such news from customers.

  1. The scenario they are talking about is overloading the system. It exhibits itself as a high memory utilization. On small devices, that can lead to crashes due to out of memory errors.