Sleep, lack of

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Okay, here is the deal, I just got Mercedes Lackey's When Darkness Falls, and I'm probably going to read it all in my non existing spare time.

There for un-neccecary activities such as working on OSS, blogging (maybe), writing documentation and sleep are going to be put on hold. The issue is a bit more sever in that I got Steven Burst's Dzur in the package as well. I have been waiting for that one for ages.

Do no expect much acitivity in any front. However, this being such an important task, I would like some help picking a Wiki for my projects.

At the moment I have a site with MySQL 4 + PHP 5 (IIS) / ASP.Net 1.1, so any suggestions are welcome. I am already investigating Media Wiki, but I won't be able to take it live until I have sorted out the way it looks (orange and rhinos are my things, sue me.)

If you have any suggestions, or know how I can easily skin media wiki, I would like to hear about it.