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What is next for RavenDB?

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imageAfter 2.0, what comes next? RavenDB 2.0 is a massive release, close to 5 thousand commits, 6+ months of work, a team of close to 70 people working on it.

It also thought me a very good lesson about cutoffs. I don’t like them. In particular, someone who wanted to run on the stable version was stuck with 6 months with no features, and only hot fixes as needed.

Instead, I would like to go to a more streamlined model of a stable release every 6 – 8 weeks. That gives us a proper time frame for doing changes, but doesn’t leave people “in the cold” in regards to stale versions.

So that is what we are planning in terms of process. But what about the actual features? Surprisingly enough, we have enough more lined up for you.

  • Robust SQL Replication (already implemented, and waiting for additional testing & goodies). To better support reporting.
  • Indexing snapshots and unlimited result set server side processing.
  • Multiple index batches and independent indexing. Prevent a slow index from slowing down all indexing.
  • Restructuring of temporary / auto indexes.
  • Auto index merging. (Even smarter behavior with regards to optimizing indexes, removing unused indexes, etc)
  • Write index output to documents. Allow to do things like multi stage reduces.
  • WinRT & Mono Touch & Mono for Android client support.
  • More comprehensive client side caching.

And those are just the things we have as high level items Smile.


André Andersen

I really like the idea of "write index output to documents"!

Frank Quednau

I really hope that Raven generates enough income for you and your peers to get on with it - there is definitely a need for that DB!

Sean Kearon

"WinRT & Mono Touch & Mono for Android client support" - ohhhh yessssss, please! And, yes, shorter release cycles would be nice too :)


Non Silverlight UI for the client? (Same goes for the UberProf)

Paulo Quicoli

This "WinRT & Mono Touch & Mono for Android client support."

would be great!


Some form of official support for Azure? Like, something more than "power on a VM on azure and launch Raven Server on it".

That would be good for diffusion too, imho.

Shawn Carr

All of those sound great but I too would like something official on the Azure front.

Marcus Swope

Will the licensing model change with releases every 6-8 weeks?

Scott Scowden

Originally native Azure support was coming to v2. Did it not make it in?

Nate Thornton

I would also love to see the WinRT client support for RavenDB. I would love to be able to manage my server from my Surface without having to RDP into my server. :-)


Ayende please now write a book on RavenDB. I find it hard to start working with it. Documentation on ravendb.net is not enough!


Agree with Jiggaboo.

A book on RavenDB would be fantastic

Ayende Rahien

Marcus, No, we will keep the same version number for the near future. And licenses comes with updates for a period of time, anyway.

Ayende Rahien

A book on RavenDB is coming.

Jake Scott

Have you had a look at TouchDB?https://github.com/couchbaselabs/TouchDB-iOS/wiki/Guide%3A-Introduction

It can replicate with a CouchDB server and they have both iOS and Android versions. You can build apps that save data locally, and let TouchDB handle the syncing of the data back to the server... Would be cool if you could use the RavenDB Replication bundle to do something similar with the Raven MonoTouch, MonoMac, Mono for Android clients!

Ayende Rahien

Jake, That is interesting, and we will consider that if there is enough interest.

Simon Cropp

A Non-Silverlight UI client that doesn't crash in VMWare please.

Brent Seufert

BIg seconder for Jake's iOS and Android "mini-server" with replication

RavenDB HQ on Azure.

AND I second Simon... FIX silverlight client on VWWare. We do all our dev on VMWare VM's and the client crashes CONSTANTLY, to the point that we leave it shut down unless needed.

Ayende Rahien

Brent, The SL on VMWare is a bug in SL / VM Ware itself, not the our client. We talked with MS about it, and a fix is coming.

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