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RavenDB 2.0 RTM

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After just a bit over 6 months of work, RavenDB 2.0 stable is finally out!


The new build contains 4,975 commits made by 68 contributors (from the Hibernating Rhinos’ RavenDB team and externals) and contains improvements on just about every level.

We have better performance, faster response times, better operational support, a lot more features and so much more. You can read the entire list here.

And with that, I am going to go off into the sunset and go offline for a while. A Memory of Light comes out tomorrow, and I am going to be busy. Beside, we earned it Smile.


Sean Kearon

Awesome news! Thank you - you really deserve a break!! :)

Phil Jones

Great news!

I'm loving 2.0. I've just used the Changes API and my jaw dropped at how magical it is.... :D


Great news! Have fun with the book, I would dive into it myself it it weren't for the face that RavenDB 2.0 is finally out!!!

Keith Brown

Congratulations to all who made this possible! We're looking forward to making use of the new platform here at Pluralsight!


Excellent !!!

Andreas Kroll

Congratulations all of you working on RavenDB.

I am glad your dogfood policy prooves right once again and you cought a nasty bug before others were affected by it. And to sweeten the deal you put even some extra goodies in it during the time it took to fix the bug. You guys know how to make people keen on working with the new version.

Take your well deserved break and come back refreshed and full of new ideas.

Best regards to you and your whole team, Andreas Kroll

Matt Johnson

Congrats! Now hopefully we can stop fixing 1.0 issues. :)

Gary Brunton

This is great news. Any thoughts on when RavenHQ will be updated?

Steele Price

This is outstanding news, just in time for my production release this month :)

Jiří Špác

I don't want to be ruining the party, but I have eagerly updated my little hobby project(which is just awfully written I believe). But to the point- the first time I call session.SaveChanges() I get a JsonSerialization exception and the document is not stored. I created a question on stackOverflow already: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14206254/just-updated-ravendb-to-rev-2230-from-rev-960-and-on-calling-session-savechang

Please, if anyone just could point me in the right direction, that would be just awesome....

brad oyler

Stoked about this news. +1 for RavenHQ deploying v2.

Judah Himango

Oren - Congrats!

We know all the hours you've poured into this thing. Thanks for all your hard work. This is a fantastic release.

Now take a nice break and enjoy some time off.

Ashok Guduru

Awesome! and Congrats to all of the RavenDB Team.


Actually, it's 67 contributers. Itamar Syn-Hershko appears twice in the list.


Justin A

Best. News. Ever

enjoy your well deserved rest, HR team!

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