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Don’t play peekaboo with support, damn it!

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One of the things that we really pride ourselves with Hibernating Rhinos is the level of support. Just to give you some idea, today & yesterday we had core team members on the phone with people (not customers, yes) who are having problems with RavenDB for quite some time.

Now, I understand that you may not always have the information to give, but what you have, give me! So I can help you.

From a recent exchange in the mailing list:

var clickCount = session.Query<TrackerRequest>().Where(t => t.TrackerCreated == doc.Created).Where(t => t.Type == Type.Click).Count();

This gives:

"Non-static method requires a target"

To which I replied:

What is the full error that you get? Compile time? Runtime?

The answer I got:

This is a document I'm trying to 'Count':


  "Created": "2012-11-15T16:12:42.1775747",

  "IP": "",

  "TrackerCreated": "2012-11-15T14:12:16.3951000Z",

  "Referrer": "http://example.com",

  "Type": "Click"


Raven terminal gives:

Request # 172: GET     -     3 ms - <system>   - 200 - /indexes/Raven/DocumentsByEntityName?query=Tag%253ATrackerRequests&start=0&pageSize=30&aggregation=None&noCache=-1129797484

        Query: Tag:TrackerRequests

        Time: 2 ms

        Index: Raven/DocumentsByEntityName

        Results: 3 returned out of 3 total.

By the way, you might note that this ISN’T related in any way to his issue. This query (and document) were gotten from the Studio. I can tell by the URL.

Then there was this:


I mean, seriously, I am happy to provide support, even if you aren’t a customer yet, but don’t give me some random bit of information that has absolutely nothing to do to the problem at hand and expect me to guess what the issue is.

Relevant information like the stack trace, what build you are on, what classes are involved, etc are expected.


Adam Chester

That's the thing with support... They often aren't capable of thinking clearly about (or even understanding) the problem, that's why they need support in the first place!

You have to be skilled at extracting the information you need.

Steve Hansen

var clickCount = session.Query().Where(t => t.TrackerCreated == doc.Created).Where(t => t.Type == Type.Click).Count();

This gives:

"Non-static method requires a target"

doc is null, I had the same exception with using expression trees on EF. When the Expression.Property is made for the "Created" property it will be passed null (for doc) and it will be seen as a static property.


Perhaps people are scared of giving you the full information in case you ridicule them on your blog? Just a thought...

hilton smith

oh no, better not give support the information needed in case someone i've never met and who stays half a world away might make fun of me on the interwebs...

what to do, what to do :(

João P. Bragança


I think people are far more likely to be circumspect because they think someone will steal their code.


Funny...last time I called a support desk, it was network support for a VPN issue, and I was criticized for giving too much information.

And my VPN issue still isn't fixed.

Bogdan Marian

Each bug report should contain the steps needed to reproduce the bug. If there isn't any such step, how can the bug reporter know that my fix is OK when coming back to this report 1 or 2 weeks later? I mean, this guy must definitely have quite impressive memory to remember how to validate 1, 2, 5, 10 fixes...

Frank Quednau

Funny...such posts appear every once in a while on all kinds of places in the Internet, it has happened to almost all of us, yet it seems to be an unchangeable thing.

A disappearance of this will be one of numerous signs that we are ready to tackle space travel or have just gone extinct.

Daniel Lang

One would think that because your customers are programmers on their own things would be easier for you, but apparently that's not true. Welcome to 'professional' software business! :-)

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