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You release too often, you don’t release enough: RavenDB Plans

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A common complaint from users with RavenDB 1.0 has been that we release too often, which meant that to upgrade RavenDB too often.

We made a clean break with 1.2 (which allowed handle several very large issues cleanly) and we have been releasing unstable version at a steady rate of 5 – 8 builds a week.  Now, of course, we get complaints about not releasing enough Smile.

At any rate, the following is a rough plan for where we will be in the near future. RavenDB 1.2 is currently running in production (running our internal infrastructure) and we have been doing a lot of comparability, stability and performance work. There are still a lot of little tweaks that we still want to put into the product, but major features are likely to be deferred post 1.2

We have just completed triage of the things that we intend to do for 1.2, and we currently have ~60 - 70 items to go through in terms of features to implement, bug fixes to do, etc. Toward the end of this month, we intend to stop all new feature development and focus on bug fixes, stability and performance. 

By mid Nov, we want to have an RC version out that you can take take out to town, and the release is scheduled to late Nov or early Dec. Post 1.2 release, we will go back to a stable release every 4 - 6 weeks.


Daniel Lang

In my opinion, we should have had the stable 1.2 release much earlier or instead implement the management studio improvements in the 1.0 release cycle. If you have ever worked with the new UI, it hurts to come back to what we have in 960.

Colin Bull

What is the plan for RavenHQ with regards to updates etc?


Usually RavenHQ updates 2-4 weeks after, to make sure no major bugs show up elsewhere. But with this release it might be different, this is just past experience talking :)

Jonathan Matheus

As this is a major release & there are breaking changes to consider, RavenHQ will be supporting both 960 & 1.2 for a time to give users a chance to upgrade the clients in their app code. Users will be able to kick off their upgrade from the management UI until we decide to drop support for 960. Users will also be given a choice between 960 and 1.2 when adding a new database. For users wanting to try out 1.2 early, we'll be providing a beta period where users with the ability to add a new 1.2 database sometime between month's end and mid November.

Thanks, Jonathan Matheus RavenHQ Support

Colin Bull

@Jonathan thanks this is what I was looking for.

Nicolas Cadilhac

@Jonathan: will there be a document or a guide on how to migrate, breaking changes, ...

Nicolas Cadilhac

@Jonathan: will there be a document or a guide on how to migrate, breaking changes, ...


no blogging for you Ayende for the next 2 weeks .. :-)

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