This code ain’t production ready

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Greg Young has a comment on my Rhino Events post that deserves to be read in full. Go ahead, read it, I’ll wait.

Since you didn’t, I’ll summarize. Greg points out numerous faults and issues that aren’t handled or could be handled better in the code.

That is excellent, from my point of view, if only because it gives me more stuff to think about for the next time.

But the most important thing to note here is that Greg is absolutely correct about something:

I have always said an event store is a fun project because you can go anywhere from an afternoon to years on an implementation.

Rhino Events is a fun project, and I’ve learned some stuff there that I’ll likely use again letter on. But above everything else, this is not production worthy code .It is just some fun code that I liked. You may take and do whatever you like with it, but mostly I was concerned with finding the right ways to actually get things done, and not considering all of the issues that might arise in a real production environment.