Taking a look at S#arp Lite– The MVC parts

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This is a review of the S#arp Lite project, the version from Nov 4, 2011.

Okay, after going over all of the rest of the application, let us take a look a the parts that actually do something.

the following are from the CustomerController:


It is fairly straight forward, all in all. Of course, the problem is that is isn’t doing much. The moment that it does, we are going to run into problems. Let us move a different controller, ProductController and the Index action:


Seems fine, right? Except that in the view…


As you can see, we got a Select N+1 here. I’ll admit, I actually had to spend a moment or two to look for it (hint, look for @foreach  in the view, that is usually an indication of a place that requires attention).

The problem is that we really don’t have anything to do about it. If we want to resolve this, we would have to create our own query object to completely encapsulate the query. But all we need is to just add a FetchMany and we are done, except that there is that nasty OR/M abstraction that doesn’t do much except make our life harder.