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I rather enjoyed the fact you used the term "Conflict Resolution" in the title of this post. Raven is eating at ya :)

Ayende Rahien

Itamar, As far as I can tell, that is the actual name for this dialog.


Alt+d to select "Do this for the next 3 conflict", then up arrow x3+Enter. Becomes a habit.

Mike Chaliy

Alt+D, up, up, up, Space...

Ayende Rahien

Daniel, Argh, haven't though of that, but I would much rather be able to do something like Alt+d, Alt+m, Enter


Use TeraCopy and be VERY Happy. http://codesector.com/teracopy

Andrew Benz

I've always hated that dialog because there's too much information presented and I find myself having to read it each time to make sure I'm selecting the correct option.

I'd much rather have the dialog ask if I actually want to do what I asked, rather than making me choose my intent again. I've already dragged files into a folder; this should be enough to signal my intent.


Tab, enter for a single file... If Alt-d is desired, do what Daniel said. Windows is reasonably keyboard-friendly, but there's always some sort of trick to it :).

I'm always baffled by people who bring up the Task Manager by right-clicking the Task bar (Ctrl-Shift-Esc), or the System Information however it's done without using Windows-Pause. Some people even use the mouse to navigate the start menu...


I use Total Commander for all file operations - Explorer is not keyboard friendly enough for me, and Total Commander allows things like packing, comparing, mass renaming, etc. quite easily.

Omer Mor

+1 for Total Commander!

David Rolland

I've also been using Total Commander since more than 10 years. It's the first thing I install on a new computer.

Mike Minutillo

I hate the fact that it stops the copy process until you've answered the question. Surely it could move on to some of the other files in the background. The number of times I've started a large copy/move operation and gone to lunch only to discover it stopped after 2 files. I use robocopy now for anything larger than 10 files. As an added bonus, using the command line makes me feel like a ninja!

Ben Joyce

Replace Explorer with Directory Opus.


Too many good things to mention here, but the File Copy actions are super.

Jarek Kowalski

www.farmanager.com - you won't even have to exit command line :) Everything has shortcut keys, mouse is totally optional (but works if you must...)


So sad that Microsoft is not able to do monthly updates to the OS to fix little (big) things like this. Now we have to wait for Windows 8 for an improvement, and then if they forget something obvious, we will have to wait another 2 years for windows 9.


Directory Opus looks very nice, but it costs as much as Windows 7 itself! Methinks this is one of those situations where if they dropped the price to 20 bucks they'd sell 10 times as many licenses...

Nikola Radosavljević

I don't see how previous dialogs were better :) That's why people should get a commander file manager. Try out Total Commander, worth every buck!

Kent Fuller

I don't see how previous dialogs were better :)

Win7: Alt+D, up, up, up, Space

WinXP: a

The old dialog was easier to read too.

Tony Simpson

@Mike yeah it's crazy that we have built a worldwide network spanning oceans and across deserts but when we want a tiny usability problem to be fixed, then we have to wait an AGE..jeeeeeez

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