Sharp Develop annoyance

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The best thing that I can say about #Develop is that it's easy to integrate new languages to it, and that it provide a very good user eperiance for C#.

The bad thing is that I began to encounter a strange bug in the text drawing on version (the latest right now).

You can see the problem here, this doesn't happens always, and not just for Boo code, but when it does happen (and I wasn't able to track why) it happens consistently, and nothing I can do (including setting double buffering off, which seems to fix it, but then render it unusable for other reasons, restarting the application, etc) didn't help.


Update: I found the cause just 20 seconds from posting this article! I knew I'd a reason to blog :-)

The problem seems to be that I sometimes move one of my monitors to portrait mode, and SD doesn't seem to be able to handle this gracefully.

Moving to the second monitor in landscape mode fix this. And changing the first monitor to landscape mode will fix this as well.

I can't recommend portraint mode highly enough if you are going to be reading, especially if you are going to read code. There is so much more that you can see in portrait mode.

It isn't as good for writing code, mind you. This is mainly because all the sidebars (yes, I know I can move them) that takes up horizonal space and don't leave much room for the code.