NHibernate Generics 1.0.9

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Okay, this release is to make a small fix that affected only people who were using NHibernate Generics and web services.

I’m not sure what the problem was, but I’m pretty sure that I fixed it.

If you got an error like “You must implement a default accessor on EntitySet<> because it

inherits from ICollection.”, you probably want to give it a try.

Source and binaries are here, as usual. There is a download already, and I just put it up there and in the process of writing this post, so hurry up before it runs out.


The Future of NHibernate.Generics

NHibernate.Generics was meant to provide a way to use generics with NHibernate, and along the way I put some smarts into the collections, which allows me to relax with regard to maintaining references between associated objects.

Now, NHibernate has a 1.2 alpha release that include generics, as well as some extensions to the collection model, which will make the work of integrating with NHibernate easier.

At the moment, I’m not sure about the status of NHibernate.Generics when version 1.2 of NHibernate is released. It is probable that I will modify the library in a breaking manner in order to make it work better with the new release. Not sure about anything yet, of course.