IDE Wish list - The Spell Checker

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No, I don't want something that will look in my comments and fix them. I am talking about something like the auto text feature in Word.

Considerring that I am mostly working on writing text to an exteremely rigid pattern, I don't see why the IDE shouldn't be able to help me there as well. A common example my be "SELECT * FORM Blah", I can't tell you how many time I made this mistake. And when we are talking about a langauge like C#, there is a lot of information that can be extracted to give the correcter information. For instance, if I mispelled a procedure, or used the wrong caps, it is very easy to find the list of possible candidates and fix it (or suggest possibilities). Same for types, varaible names, etc.

I know that TOAD does a very simple form of this, and I remember how excited I was at that. Anything else?

Jetbrains, if you are listening, can you do it?