Things I have learned today

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Random thoughts about today, no real content:

  • Copying gigabytes of data is going to take a long time.
  • Debugging Brail is fun, you get to play the "Who exactly changed this bit" game, where you have the pre processor, Brail's compiler extentions and Boo's magic all mixing together to a complete whole.
  • It's not good to save dynamic assemblies to the bin directory of an ASP.Net application, the application will reset itself on each request. It make debuging sort of hard, I heard.
  • Causing your head to impact the wall at high speed hurts. And it also attracts some funny glances. What is up with those people?
  • It's actually a joy to work with Brail on a project, I get to remember all my previous design decisions, and I don't have anyone to blame. It's an interesting spot for me, since I usually blame Microsoft and/or Oracle.
  • Linking SQL Server to Oracle requires black magic and a couple of chickens. SQL Server will flat out refuse to read a perfectly innocent table from Oracle, but for some reason readily agree to read the same table when piped through a view.
  • One off solutions aren't.
  • SQL Server has a lot of different errors messages, I'm going to switch the language settings to Japanese and enjoy the pretty pictures in red brush.
  • Physical violance against machines works.
  • You can be agile when fixing errors. See: iterational error reduction (First iteration, 300 errors, second iteration, 150 errors, third iteration 140 errors, etc).
  • A run-check cycle of ~3 - 8 hours really sucks.
  • The varchar '000' is an invalid number, even when you try to get it as a varchar, but only when the moon is full and when you back is turned.
  • Relying of reference equality to manage syncronizations between objects can bite you in the ass.