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I should start by mentioning that my WIX knowledge is infinately approaching zero. But I want to be able to build MSI packages as part of the daily build process, and you can't do that with VS Setup Projects.

So, I choose NHibernate Query Genernator as my model, downloaded Wix and Votive, and cracked open the WiX tutorial and started epxerimenting. I am using version 3.0.2211.0, by the way, which is currently under development.

I had no issues with building the simple MSI iteself, (part 1 of the tutorial) but I run into some problems when trying to add UI to the MSI. There are a couple of things that are needed using Votive that the tutorial doesn't mention. First, you must add a reference to WixUIExtension and you need to add the wixui_en-us.wxl file to your project. After you download the file, make sure to edit the WixLocalization tag and add a Culture attribute, I added en-US, and it seems to work fine.

I am using WixUI_Mondo UI, and it seems to work just fine, except... I can't figure out how to change the license type.

All the documentation says that it is just a matter of placing a license.rtf file in the current directory, but everything I tried so far has failed :-( and it keeps trying to use CPL license. Furthermore, I can't find where it is coming from.