KISS and the 80/20

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Mario Gutierrez has a post about limiting the configurability of the system. One of the things that he said really caught my eye:

"The other 20% will require the usual manual effort by the developer."

I find that I much rather have a solution where I need to write a little code to make the hard parts work, than have a complex framework that tries to do anything (look at XSD for an example, if you need one.)

I would like to dispute his other claim, that DB portability is not important. It's not important for an in-house project, yes. But the moment you need to integrate a project into an existing infrastructure, you'll soon find that it's not going to be that simple. Some people use SQL Server, some favor MySQL, some like Oracle, etc. You probably wants to sell to all of them. DB portability is an important feature in most applications that are going outside.