Mocking in the Real World

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I was in the Agile Israel meeting earilier this earlier week, and I overheard a couple of guys* talking about mocking objects. The talk went something like this:

Guy #1: Most developers don't understand mock objects.
Guy #2: But then you explain it to them and when they get it, they become the local gurus.
Guy #1: Yes, but then they try to use mocks everywhere and make a mess of things.

Do you have similar experiances? I'm the author of a mocking framework, and I find that I don't use mocking all that often. Then again, my recent projects were mainly in compiler internals and the like, not much you can mock there.

I'm currently building a business application, so I expect to make heavy use of mocking the moment I move away from the data access layer, which is my curent focus.

* This was my first meeting, so I don't know any of the names, I did meet Justin, though.