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I'm still digesting all the new things that we're going to get in C# 3. I've already expressed my joy about the things that this would allow me to do.

I think that those changes should shut anyone who claims that Microsoft cannot innovate. Yes, some of the new features have been there in other langauges before, but I've never seen a main stream language that make such a move. The interesting thing is that while Linq will probably get all the attention, it's the foundations that makes it so interesting, since you can use it outside of Linq.

I'm simply amazed that the next next version has such good features even before the next version has been released. It makes me wonder what goodies we can expect toward beta 1.


I'm currently seeing the Office 12 movie from channel 9, and it's just an amazing UI.
I now understand why we've Office 2003 UI in the .Net framework, because Office 12 UI is so different.
But the amount of mail that she is getting in the movie is simply staggering.