ReviewiRiver H340

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I bought an iRiver 340 a couple of weeks ago and I'm very pleased with it. It's small, has a long battery life, easy to use and has great sound quality.

I've heard some claims that it's not easy to use, but I found it very easy. I'm still just using it for listening to podcasts, although I understand that it a fantastic microphone that I can't wait to start using next user group meeting. I had some problems with the length of the earphone cord, but I'm now using the remote, so that solves this.

So far I've found only two things that are annoying with it:

  • The belt clip sometimes get lose and the iRiver falls. This happens because the clip is attached with a screw, so it just screw itself out over time. This is really annoying, but I got a belt pouch that I carry now, so that is okay.
  • No way to do accelerated fast forward for large media. I often listen to podcasts that are over an hour long. If I lose my place in them, I have to fast forward for five to ten minutes to get to the point I was before. My expectation was that the speed of the fast forward would accelerate the longer I hold the forward (or back) button. For smaller files, it's a non issue.

Very cool technology and it's single handedly responsible for my resuming of sport activities. I'm simply incapable of doing something repetitive without going disgustingly bored and stopping.

BTW,  On A Podcast - The Squeaky Clean Remix rocks!

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